Safe Use of Compressed Air


This course will show compressed air users how to work safely and understand the risks involved if good practice is not followed. Energy sources have always been a potential hazard for harm and Compressed Air is no exception. The course is designed to look at why compressed air is used, where it used and what dangers are inherent. It will also cover how to service equipment safely and helps fulfil an employer’s health and safety obligations. The following standards will be referenced as guidance ISO 13849-1/2, ISO 4414-2010 and PUWER.


  •  Learn How to be safe when around Pneumatic Equipment
  • Understand how compressed is made.
  • Understand the properties of compressed air.
  • How to maintain compressed air and the equipment it uses.
  • Identify Pneumatic equipment
  • Identify the dangers associated with compressed air and the components air uses.
  • Both short term and long term.
  • How to adjust to get the best from the system.
  • Understand the costs associated with compressed air.

Course Outline

What is compressed Air?

  • How is compressed air produced?
  • What is Pneumatic used for?
  • Properties of compressed air. (Pressure, Flow and quality)
  • The dangers of Peumatics (Short term, long term)
  • How do I know if my machine is dangerous?
  • Standards, where to find and which ones to refere to?

How to look after the equipment.

  • Maintenance of Pneumatics
  • What do the parts do.
  • Air supply
  • Adjustment of force and speed
  • How to isolate safely
  • How to recognise a faulting pneumatic device.
  • How to check for leakage.

How to work safely with Pneumatic equipment.

  • Before using air tools, checks
  • Dangers to look out for.

How much does it cost?

  • Leakage.
  • Usage
  • How to reduce energy.
  • Checking the quality of air.