Microsoft Excel Advanced


The previous stages of Excel introduce several very useful functions and tools, as introduced in stage 3; one single function cannot always provide you with a solution. The masterclass focuses on how to combine the features, functions and tools of Excel together.
Stage 4 is not just about integration, but several new functions will also be introduced such as Financial, Text & Date formulas. This will give the user confidence to master any formula. In addition this course also introduces Macros VBA.

Course Outline

  • Refresher Workshop
  • Combined Advanced Formulas (IF/ AND/ OR/ V & HLookup combined)
  • Problem Solving Exercises (The Solver/ Utilising/ Complex Formulas)
  • Automation (Recording/ Editing/ Running Macros/ Macros VBA)
  • Advanced Customising of Excel (Toolbars/ Menus)
  • Advanced Formatting (Styles/ Templates/ Consolidating Data/ Track Changes/ Auditing)