Gravitas 3 Day Excelling in Successful Sales


This 3 Day Excelling in Sales introduces you to new and innovative ways to meet the expectations of your clients.  Buyers are more sophisticated and sales people need to adapt to form stronger relationships. By finding out what your clients truly want, this sales training course will help you form relationships, built on trust and credibility and develop relationships and therefore maximise opportunities with your clients.
Selling is an art, if your learnt the secrets of selling you would make faster progress towards your financial goals. You need to be able to successfully sell your products and services and this course will enable you to take your talent to the next level.

Course Outline

Day One

  • What is the difference between an average sales person and a top sales person
  • How to identify the specific needs of your client and how to match these with what you are selling.
  • How to prepare for sales calls and presentations
  • Overcoming objections and excuses in a positive and influential manner
  • How to build up credibility and “likeability” from your prospect
  • Gathering your prospects needs and desires and how to read these
  • Developing your questioning and listening skills

Day Two

  • How to use body language and non-verbal communication to your advantage – how to influence your client without them knowing!
  • How to understand the motivations of your prospects
  • Techniques of how to get to that “YES” and close the sale
  • Building effortless rapport with your prospects
  • How to make that positive first impression
  • How to generate business over the telephone

Day Three

  • Gain confidence in setting appointments
  • Specific communication skills that differentiate top performers from average ones
  • Listening skills that will open up a whole new world
  • Why and when buyers actually make decisions to buy
  • The beliefs, skills and behaviours that create a top performer
  • How to stop objections before they occur