Telephone Selling Skills


If you have to sell over the telephone or need to set up appointments then this course will be perfect for you. It looks at modern day approaches to prospecting, how to get through gatekeepers and techniques and strategies not to sound like your competitors!
It will enable you to create a successful script that will make it work for you and increase your chances of a successful call. It will give you the ability and technique to really consult with your client to identify with their needs and requirements and to match it with what you offer.

Course Outline

  • The most effective outbound telephone sales calling model
  • How to identify the specific needs of your client and how to match these with what you are selling/offering
  • High impact opening statements and what to say
  • Learn phrases and one-liners to progress the sale
  • How to avoid those dreaded silences if things are not going your way
  • How to respond to objections and excuses
  • How to ask for the appointment or the sale confidently and professionally
  • Enhance your questioning and listening skills
  • Effective closing techniques of how to get to that “YES” and close the sale
  • How to get your point across without the waffle
  • How to build effortless rapport with your prospects