Our 12 Top Tips on Things You Can Do During Lockdown

So, we are living in different times then we are used to however it does not have to be foreboding. As they say: “life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react” so this is the perfect opportunity to reset and recharge. You can take the positive out of every situation and try something new; try something different.

However you decide to spend your free time during this lockdown, always remember to be safe, and to be grateful for everything that you have during this period.


One of the key things is to keep yourself in good physical shape which naturally boosts your mood and mental health. We live in an era where technology is super advanced and at our finger tips,  we have numerous resources to assist our physical health. You can take long walks (in line with government guidelines); go bike riding; jogging; download workout apps, look up YouTube videos on how to exercise and if you have little ones, why not join in with them on PE lessons with Joe Wicks.

Learn to Cook Something New:

Now that we are limited to going out to dine, this is the perfect chance to improve your culinary skills and cook delights to suit your own taste buds. The beauty of learning to cook or learning something new is that it is a skill that will stay with you, and the satisfaction of eating something created by yourself is a wonderful feeling. With this in mind, create your own recipe book to pass on to future generations.


There is a no better way to get outdoors during the lockdown than in your own garden. It is the perfect time to appreciate the space around us not only is this great exercise and good for the heart, but also reduces stress. It is also a great opportunity to plant your own fruit and vegetables for your own consumption and good health.


A hobby for many people but one that is also fun and therapeutic and a great form of art. Most people are fortunate to have great cameras therefore little investment is required and there is many resources available teaching you how to become a budding photographer and with filters, you can create some perfect photos. Why not frame these memories and send them to family and friends as gifts?


There are numerous scientific facts to support the benefits of meditation. It can lead to many areas of improvement including reducing stress; controlling anxiety; better sleep, but overall, this is something everyone can do to improve their mental and emotional wellbeing and something you can do anywhere. There are many apps and videos that can aid with this.

Connect Virtually with Family/Friends:

We are lucky in the current situation to have Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Facetime – utilise this to speak to family/friends but also reconnect with people you have lost touch with. You can even use these apps to hold virtual parties, get togethers, quiz nights, date nights: have a laugh and have some fun in an innovative way you may not normally

Learn a New Language:

Once this is over and we can travel to our favourite destinations again – why not learn the languages of the countries we visit. French, Spanish and Italian are popular languages and there are several great apps to get you started with the very basics – imagine ordering your next meal in the native language of the place?

Tidy Up/De Clutter:

Refresh your surroundings – how about rearranging your furniture to make it seem like your home is a totally different place or to bring in more natural light and have fun doing it. Organise your kitchen cupboards and your wardrobes and give unworn or outgrown clothes to charity: Havent used it in more than 6 months? Do you need it or just want it? If it’s ‘want‘ then it maybe time to let go. Decluttering will enlighten you

Upcycle Furniture:

How many of us have tired looking furniture that we wish we could replace yet finances don’t allow it so why not spend this time to clean, repaint and reupholster furniture to make it look brand new. There are so many useful videos that guide you with great tips on how to change something to look like a brand-new item of furniture with very little costs!

Treat Yourself:

We live in a world of busy schedules; rushing around meetings; adhering to deadlines and the one thing that seems to take a back seat on our list of priorities is self-love. Take this time to treat yourself and look after yourself, it may be as simple as a hot bath with a a Lush bath bomb, candles, a book and a face mask that will help pamper you, refreshing you!

Watch Netflix:

A simple and easy way to spend your time is get yourself a good Netflix Series. Want to know why everyone is talking about Money Heist or Tiger King? Then now is your chance. There is something there for everyone which are perfect for binge-watching while you are at home, which you may not normally get a chance to watch.

Read a Book: 

It is a common trait of the most successful people and that is reading books. It has a relaxing exercise that stimulates the brain and sharpens the focus, also it releases tension and stress and a great way of switching off especially before bedtime – many virtual books are available and are also a great source of inspiration and motivation. Maybe this will lead to a virtual book club? Or some Personal Professional Development, a time to refocus and re-emerge. After all, knowledge is power right?